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Eric ComptonEric: Lead Vocals, Congas

Trained in the dark art of throat busting by a great zen master of collegiate acapella, Eric unleashed his voice upon the unsuspecting world with incalculable results. Now with his hands no longer being idle, and the lost power of the conguero at his fingertips, nations will tremble in fear and finally his lust for conquest can be satisfied. Bono had it all wrong, it's about time music was used for global domination.

Gary BrittanGary: Guitar, Vocals

Born as the bastard of Elvis and some girl who lived under a bridge, to a cacophony of dischord, it was not obvious at first that musical genius was in his future. Yet, at 12 years old he was able to whistle - and by 16 had become a master cowbell player - playing before kings, queens, and a few people at a retirement community gig down on Riverfront Drive. The mention of Led Zeppelin, the Beatles, Springsteen may foster memories of his huge contributions to their success.....and maybe not. But he is trying to learn the guitar and has written a few interesting riffs that he intends to write some songs around as soon as he can learn how to replace broken guitar strings


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