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About the Band

When 2 St. Louis songwriters (Gary and Eric) met through a web site posting several years ago they had no idea they would be BIGGER than the Beatles. With a rhythm section and lead guitar, they had 5 members and were definitely BIGGER. Not only that - they were taller and they weighed more.

Mix the classic power pop song craft of the Gin Blossoms with the roots musical elements of The Jayhawks and stir in a pinch of Barenaked Ladies humor for an idea of the unique Meteor Pilots sound. If you want to describe Meteor Pilots’ music in 1 word... it would be: FUNenergeticADDICTIVEunforgetableFUNNYuniqueHOOK-FILLEDguitar-drivenPOP/rock.

That might actually be 2 words.

The original Meteor Pilots project culminated in their debut album Kiss My Asteroid was a smash hit. . . or at least I saw a couple people smashing it in parking lot once. Check it out at CD Baby

Knowing that Kiss My Asteroid was clearly the pinnacle of pop/rock, the Meteor Pilots went back to their roots - acoustic driven music. The new acoustic version of the Meteor Pilots contines to feature Gary Brittan on guitar/vocals and Eric Compton on lead vocals. But now we have congas, Congas, CONGAS!!

Their show combines sound, humor, 2-part harmonies, visual aids, jazz, genius, imagination, game show, celebrity, pop, magic, feats of strength, trivia, lasers - take all these ingredients ...multiply by 5 [and then exclude a most of them]... and you have a Meteor Pilots show. (Bring extra shorts in case you soil yourself from the excitement.)

The Meteor Pilots currently have 30 original songs (over 120 minutes) and want to open for any compatible local or national bands. The music can be played unplugged or with minimal amplification and can be easily adjusted to be all age appropriate. They are responsible, dependable (all over 30), serious about our music and recognize the importance of making the experience enjoyable for all - the business, the patrons and the band.

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